imre is consumer

Thinking of leveraging imre to help better connect with your consumers? Let us talk you off the fence.

Our consumer practice brings people and brands closer. We support global Fortune 500 brands in many categories, but also have experience and expertise in:

  • Consumer packaged goods (beverage, food, wellness)
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Retail
  • Power products
  • Quick-serve restaurants
  • Home technology and products

Our Core Strengths

At the core of our DNA, we are a transformative marketing agency. We think differently about the way you approach single-stack and integrated programming, and deliver amazing creative that makes its own friends.

  • Truly customer-focused strategies
  • Transformative content development approaches and execution
  • Blockbuster integrated campaigns
  • Modern social and digital media AOR
  • Unique, game-changing PR
  • Non-traditional paid media planning and strategy
  • Experience-first programming
  • Brand-building creative and lead agency strategy
  • Agile analytics, insights and activations

Amazing Creative

We're proud of the company we keep – and we aim to keep it for decades. Here's what our clients have said makes us different:

  • Straight-talk, accountable partner, not vendor or agency
  • Exceptional brand strategists instead of narrow-vision tacticians
  • Big ideas with the sophistication to execute instead of all bark and no bite
  • Hungry, relentless and agile; not complacent, bloated and phoned-in
  • Siloless and able to quickly maneuver in gray spaces of marketing instead of big, clunky and slow
  • Nimble, game-changing approaches to content development instead of legacy big-agency production models that are expensive and wasteful
  • Business-minded innovation instead of shiny new object-seekers

Our Clients

What’s unique about how we work

  • We find the shared value: Our transformative marketing approach is based on finding shared value between your brand and customers.
  • We craft a balanced plan: Our programs start with a plan that includes comprehensive strategies, fresh conceptual thinking, inspired creative and a deployment recommendation that can be activated quickly.
  • We mobilize and move: We activate with sophisticated launch sequences that make even the most complex program feel seamless.
  • We relentlessly iterate: We specialize in smart agility, an approach that is fluid based on user insights, but deeply connected to our shared value vision.
We hope you liked this pre-RFI (and us)

Leverage imre to better connect with your consumers.

Our Expertise

imre Sports: Building brand love and credibility every step of the way.

imre Financial: People invest with brands they trust.

imre Healthcare: The journey to wellness is an experience.


imre is consumer: We help you create lasting bonds with your audience.