Use Innovative Ways to Earn Product Credibility

Impressions are only valued if they're impactful.

About the Series

About the Series

The imre approach to product launches is founded on a few simple principles. In this series, we will outline five key strategies for modern product launches.

  • A new product isn’t just news, it’s an opportunity to fortify your brand with proof points around your core values
  • Using data and performance insights will help each product launch do better – but only if you’re evaluating launches across categories
  • Each product launch requires the development of a custom, omnichannel program that breaks silos for the benefit of sales

Integrating paid, earned and owned communications strategies and tactics is key.

We view every paid media unit as an opportunity to negotiate new social media crossover campaigns, and we place a premium on the power of a strong, brand-aligned influencer strategy. During a product launch, the focus of our efforts isn’t just on generating impressions; rather, we strive to garner positive sentiment and authority to build instant credibility that induces in-store trial and drives online buzz.

Try This:

  • Instead of “seeding” products with influencers, consider utilizing loyal customers and advocates to generate launch content
  • Develop a product launch credibility meter focusing not just on impressions but on the impact a credible story might have on the purchaser
  • Use all brand assets to create the story–how can you build positive buzz in all channels rather than a focused channel launch

Example: Patagonia Nano Air Hoody launch

We helped Patagonia launch their most important new product launch of the year–the Nano Air Hoody. Utilizing amazing ambassador testing footage, stories and content, we created a multi‑channel deployment model that built positive credibility and buzz from the ground floor up.

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Use Innovative Ways to Earn Product Credibility