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imre produces live event for T. Rowe Price

imre partnered with T. Rowe Price to launch the asset management firm’s first Facebook LIVE event, sharing tips and guidance on saving for retirement, balancing savings priorities and paying off debt. The event, which took place on March 29, featured T. Rowe Price’s senior financial planner Judith Ward, CFP© and Tara Coates, senior editor from the firm’s retirement and financial education team.

“T. Rowe Price’s Facebook LIVE event showcased their commitment to bringing clear and compelling financial planning insights to their key audiences. Our agency was happy to help them do that in a way that leveraged innovative social media technology,” said Christine Pierpoint, imre’s head of Financial Services marketing.

“Our team’s extensive experience in social media strategy and broadcast production was essential in helping them connect with their audiences in a pioneering fashion.”

As T. Rowe Price’s social media agency of record, imre worked with the asset management firm to produce the Facebook LIVE segment, including copywriting support on the script and event content, production facilities, and strategies to promote the event. The conversation between Judith and Tara captured many of the concerns that people feel when it comes to saving for retirement, and offered tips and guidance to viewers to help them stay on track

“November through mid-April is IRA season, a time where we see an increase in IRA account openings and contributions. We were looking for a way to share retirement savings insights and guidance while the topic is top of mind for many individuals,” said Meara Ranadive, T. Rowe Price Head of Social Media.

“By partnering with imre, we were able to use our social media knowledge to connect with our Facebook community in a way that was both authentic and informative. The LIVE event allowed us to share tips and answer questions on a more personal level than we have in the past.”

To view the Facebook LIVE event, click here .


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