T. Rowe Price

Leveraging social media to connect with audiences on the emotional benefits of making confident investment decisions.

We work with T. Rowe Price to develop stories that connect the relationships between financial planning and daily life — your first house, first child, first day of retirement — all emotional life milestones, all financial in nature.

Starting With the Facts

We approached building a social media portfolio for the firm with the same disciplined research, analysis and planning that go into building a financial portfolio. And we had the same goal: long-term growth and success.

Finding the connection

With a framework in place, we built a strategy to develop content highlighting everyday moments and milestones, and how financial planning impacts them.

Working with their team, we thoughtfully deploy content across T. Rowe Price's social media channels to reach key audiences and share support and guidance as they make financial decisions. This support builds connections and the foundation for lasting brand affinity.

Social Content

In an industry where communication is often transactional, we’ve helped T. Rowe Price build human connections through emotional resonance.

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