Our top picks from the 2018 SXSW Health Panel Picker

Spend a good 30 minutes reviewing the 2018 SXSW Health panel proposals if you want to get a sense of how our industry is evolving at the lightspeed of technology. Our favorite entries focus on improving experiences in healthcare by leaning into transparency and compassion. We even submitted a proposal ourselves to be a part of an important conversation—closing the empathy gap in healthcare.

Healing Healthcare’s Reputation

  • Gene Kinney, President & Chief Executive Officer, Prothena
  • Meg Tirrell, Biotech and Pharma Reporter, CNBC
  • Brent Saunders, Chairman and CEO, Allergan

“A veteran journalist leads a discussion with scientists and CEOs who are committed to better public engagement and call their peers to join them.”

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Redesigning the Entire Healthcare Experience

  • Maudie Shah, Co-founder and Head of User Experience, Amino
  • Rajaie Batniji, Co-founder and Chief Health Officer, Collective Health
  • Bill Evans, Managing Director, Rock Health

This panel will look at how we can simplify healthcare—from understanding health insurance to making informed decisions about where to seek care—through a combination of technology, design, and compassion.”

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EI in the Age of AI: Fighting Cancer

“Artificial intelligence has crept into every sector, from law to retail to healthcare, with promising results. However, as AI plays an ever-increasing role in the fight against cancer, we cannot let it crowd out emotional intelligence.”

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Hacking Childhood Cancer: Creating Support Systems

“From tablet games to shared music playlists, this panel will explore and ignite conversations around creatively improving the childhood cancer experience through the arts, technology and their intersection.”

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Stories and Songs About Schizophrenia

  • Silvia Vergani, Director of Design Research, IDEO
  • Danielle Schlosser, Lead Clinical Research Scientist, Google Verily

“Hear stories of users who have built deep connections despite social anxiety, found jobs despite debilitating procrastination, and even written songs on their condition.”

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Bracing for a New Age of Longevity

“The growing number of older Americans is disruptive to current economies, and requires important societal adjustments — from the workplace and housing to travel and technology. This panel looks at the good, bad and bewildering impacts of a global population expected to include 2+ billion people aged 60+ by 2050.”

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Using Digital Tools to Tackle Chronic Disease

“We’ll share research showing how real-time connections between patients and doctors improves the health of children with diabetes.”

Faux-tography: The Stock Photo Empathy Gap

  • Ryan Jordan, Creative Director, Senior Vice President, imre
  • Ryan Billings, Senior Director, Digital Innovation, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

“Search “patient” in Shutterstock and you’ll find 5,854 variations of the same image….This issue is symptomatic of the widening empathy gap in healthcare marketing. Our panel tackles how to bridge that gap to create more authentic social and digital content.”

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SXSW Health Panel Picker