Captivating new audiences of the original extreme sport through content.

We added more original and more extreme to our messaging and content deployed through our social media channels.

Lumberjacks descend upon the Big Apple

In 2015, the best lumberjack athletes in the world descended upon Central Park in New York City. A big investment, in the Big Apple, celebrating a big milestone, demanded big results.

We took this challenge head-on.

We enabled our current lumberjack sport community, and targeting a demographic of potential new fans — guys we knew that would appreciate the appropriate mix of drama and adrenaline-filled action that STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® delivers.

We started with a trip back in time.

We told stories of family lineage, intense preparation, remarkable recovery, rivalries and a rich history that connected with audiences new and old.

The Promotion

In the end, when all the chips were cleared, we mesmerized millions, built more brand equity and took a big cut out of the record books.

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STIHL TIMBERSPORTS: Captivating new audiences of the original extreme sport