When the Lightning Strikes

Creating a Social Media Charge

We leveraged the launch of the STIHL Lightning Battery System™, one of STIHL’s largest product launches to-date, as an opportunity to continue to evolve what was currently a very powerful and successful social media approach, with a new level of refinement and creativity that led to significantly larger results.

We broke down the campaign into multiple phases throughout the year. We set out to accomplish two things in Phase 1:

1. Drive awareness around the introduction of a new lineup of battery-powered products for the weekend warriors

2. Promote consideration for all three series of the STIHL Lightning Battery System

Phase 1 ran for two months.

During this time period, flights were staggered with video, awareness and referral content, including a variety of Facebook & Instagram ad units targeting various key audience segments.



Video content designed to generate mass impressions, increase time spent with the brand, increase interest, and create retargeting opportunities


Stills & GIF style ads designed to generate mass impressions and create retargeting opportunities


Carousel and standard ads designed to drive people to the microsite to explore products and find local dealers

Throughout the first phase, we tested several messaging buckets to evaluate effectiveness by content and ad types. The insights gleaned from the testing, particularly messaging, was applied to Phase 2 creative.


By the Numbers

Success was measured by impressions, video views and clicks. Since STIHL controls their retail experience (9,000+ servicing dealers), we’re able to track the effectiveness of social media all the way down to the dealer webpages.


in online product reservations (STIHL Express)


in average cost per purchase


in impressions


in video views


in dealer locator searches


in average cost per search


in people spending 1+ minute on dealer sites


in average cost per lead

In addition to surpassing all goals, we saw more dealer-level conversion and website engagement, as well as lower conversion costs. All of this was accomplished with a smaller media budget.


When the Lightning Strikes: Creating a (Social Media) Charge