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Building brand love and credibility every step of the way.

Modern marketers are focusing on stronger, more meaningful engagements with customers using 360 integrated activations.

They want to maximize their sports marketing investments or sell their products in unique, consumer-centric and authentic ways.

PowerBar: Don't let you stop you Tour De France campaign.

Gone are the days when brands sign giant checks to slap a logo on an athlete, car or sporting event expecting less than stellar return on their investments. No longer is a new product line just promoted by a 30-second commercial and print ad.

Building Connections

Our agency works with sponsors, sports properties and athletes; lifestyle brands, retailers and tastemakers. We're here to connect with the modern-day sports fan and tell a brand's story by blending art, information and commerce.

We've mastered the art of smart and agile content production during major sports events; we've built catalyst programs for professional athletes and influencers; and we’ve launched category-first products.

We excel at building smart strategies that inform transformative, omni-channel campaigns — building brand love and credibility every step of the way.

Brands hire us for our expertise in helping them connect with sports consumers in a way that's relevant and meaningful to them — when, where and how it matters most.

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imre is consumer: We help you create lasting bonds with your audience.

imre Financial: People invest with brands they trust.

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imre Sports: Building brand love and credibility every step of the way.