Set High Level Program KPIs

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About the Series

About the Series

The imre approach to product launches is founded on a few simple principles. In this series, we will outline five key strategies for modern product launches.

  • A new product isn’t just news, it’s an opportunity to fortify your brand with proof points around your core values
  • Using data and performance insights will help each product launch do better – but only if you’re evaluating launches across categories
  • Each product launch requires the development of a custom, omnichannel program that breaks silos for the benefit of sales

The best product launch campaigns begin with a collaborative KPI-setting exercise, with a goal of aligning efforts in PR, social media, advertising and retail.

Part of the KPI-setting strategy includes evaluating how each channel will support various results. When we’re finished with our product launch campaign, our goal is to be able to share universal impressions, overarching sentiment, share of online voice by product category, click-throughs and conversions, and in many cases, purchase.

Try This:

  • Bring your integrated teams together to talk about goal-setting–this shouldn’t just be about sales, click-throughs, impressions or reach.
  • Focus on what do we want to accomplish in layman’s terms, then build integrated KPIs that all internal teams can map to.
  • Identify the roles of integrated paid media in tandem with earned and owned media
  • Develop simple scorecards to encourage teams to report frequently around how the program is meeting our goals at the highest level
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Set High Level Program KPIs