Build webs. Not funnels!

Focus less on driving traffic to one hub.

About the Series

About the Series

The imre approach to product launches is founded on a few simple principles. In this series, we will outline five key strategies for modern product launches.

  • A new product isn’t just news, it’s an opportunity to fortify your brand with proof points around your core values
  • Using data and performance insights will help each product launch do better – but only if you’re evaluating launches across categories
  • Each product launch requires the development of a custom, omnichannel program that breaks silos for the benefit of sales

Our clients often ask where they should “hub” their product launch materials and content.

imre’s recent product launch findings show that while one channel (e.g., microsite, blog) may serve as the core aggregator of our content, the most effective strategies put relevant materials and stories where audiences discover, search or refer. Rather than invest time and energy driving inbound traffic to a single destination, a no-dead-ends web of accessible content means better experiences, more context and more opportunities for sales.


  • Aggregate stories as support points for your product promise or solution
  • Map the customer journey based on data inputs from other product launches or similar audience demographic data
  • Determine where these stories might best be told – in the context of looking at your site, in the context of looking at their Facebook feed, in the context of reading a BuzzFeed quiz
  • Build shoppable triggers that feel seamless and natural

Example: Hudson's Bay and Lord & Taylor Seasonal launch "Mother's Day" programming

Using core seasonal creative, our goals were to deconstruct stories and make shoppable, no-dead-ends content live and breathe where users are consuming, sharing and engaging.

Seasonal Creative

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Build Webs. Not Funnels!