Think Omnichannel. Break Silos

About the Series

About the Series

The imre approach to product launches is founded on a few simple principles. In this series, we will outline five key strategies for modern product launches.

  • A new product isn’t just news, it’s an opportunity to fortify your brand with proof points around your core values
  • Using data and performance insights will help each product launch do better – but only if you’re evaluating launches across categories
  • Each product launch requires the development of a custom, omnichannel program that breaks silos for the benefit of sales

Your product news is only a headline to your brand. For consumers, it’s about solving for a need, inspiring them to find a better way, positioning you not as the seller, but as the solution.

We believe the first step in creating a successful product launch campaign is to develop an omnichannel storytelling platform. This platform, which is rich with audience insights and maps to the brand’s overarching goals, serves as a beacon for our stories across all communications channels. We know customers experience brands from dozens of angles, so having an overarching storytelling platform is critical.

Try This:

  • Build a creative platform for the launch (something unique, not just “introducing XXX even better product”)
  • The creative platform and manifesto should include unique differentiators, but also the brand values
  • The product becomes the solution
  • The campaign platform is about engaging the user and building a connection rooted in understanding their need
  • Utilize social media research, listening and user data to help uncover how people talk about the problem or need and begin thinking about why your product is the solution

Example: PowerBar Tour De France Campaign

When we developed the PowerBar campaign around the Tour De France sponsorship, we focused on plugging directly into the need. Online, we uncovered endurance athletes frequently discussing the “Bonk” or crash – the time when your body can’t take anymore – a feeling all athletes can identify.

Our program featured product and drove sales, but mostly plugged directly into solving for a mutual need in a tone and style our users sought.

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