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About the Series

About the Series

The imre approach to product launches is founded on a few simple principles. In this series, we will outline five key strategies for modern product launches.

  • A new product isn’t just news, it’s an opportunity to fortify your brand with proof points around your core values
  • Using data and performance insights will help each product launch do better – but only if you’re evaluating launches across categories
  • Each product launch requires the development of a custom, omnichannel program that breaks silos for the benefit of sales

Agility is key when it comes to modern-day product launches.

The best product launch campaigns are continually optimized based on audience insights and behaviors. For example, if one post is performing well organically on Facebook, we might shift dollars to promote that naturally magnetic content. If we’re seeing lower cost-per-click on one unit, we might shift away from a display unit that is under-performing. We recommend applying this same programmatic, KPI-based shifts to content, offers and site adjustments.


  • Using micro-interactions additions to your website, you can easily test various content, credible reviews from celebrities, influencers and users and modify the conversion experience for users
  • Set high-level campaign KPIs and work to adjust your investment throughout the campaign as data comes in. This test approach will allow you to improve in all areas including CPC
  • Create a strong attachment between your creative/content teams and your analytics teams–host weekly or daily stand-ups to talk about conversion data and brainstorm ways to amplify what’s working or move away from something that’s not

Example: AAA/Flyers partnership user emotion-driven content promotion

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Make Agile Campaign Shifts