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About the Series

About the Series

Here are 5 things brands should reconsider about LGBTQ-centered marketing based on dedicated primary research and decades of human marketing.

We believe the formula for successful modern LGBTQ-centered marketing is: brands + culture and voice of inclusion + shared-valued strategies.

  • We believe in doing what you say, building rich, meaningful connections with LGBTQ and straight ally audiences. This starts with finding and developing programs that strike on the shared value between brand and consumer.
  • We believe in less bull-horning, and back-patting for strong brand programs, but instead, outreach and inclusion that brings the brands’ DNA into the LGBTQ community in meaningful and impactful ways.
  • We believe in fewer LGBTQ generic corporate sponsorships and more authentic programs that represent honest brands and real commitment to a customer’s total

As with any subset within modern society, the LGBTQ community cannot be illustrated by one, individual persona.


looking for relevant connections to LGBTQ sub-demographics,


treating and marketing to LGBTQ audiences like a single demographic.

When you build your communications approach, remember that perceptions, attitudes and behaviors vary substantially among Ls, Gs, Bs, Ts and Qs.

We recommend:

  • Brand-level research to determine the perceptions and values of these individual segments.
    • Example: Many companies have discovered that the way their brand resonates with individuals who identify as bisexual is very different than other segments of the LGBTQ population.
  • Product-level research and testing to evaluate the core function or value proposition your product will provide.
    • Example: The Toyota Prius has gained popularity among the lesbian community because many of it’s product values align with core values and opinions of this demographic.

Recent survey-based research reports estimated that between 3.5% to 5% of the US population identifies as LGBT. In urban markets estimates are as high as 7% to 9%
(Pew Research)


The total buying power of the adult U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population is projected at $884 billion.
(Witeck Communications and

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LGBTQ-centered marketing

Services We Offer

imre helps brands evaluate their programs and strategies and build strong marketing recommendations that bring brand values to life in the LGBTQ communities. We specialize in these two categories:

Total marketing capabilities

Help brands build inclusive programming for mass audiences that strike the important chord of inclusivity, diversity and acceptance while activating straight allies and general population. Our goal is to find the meaningful and shared values that our audiences find relatable, and to authentically build a brand story that speaks their language and tone.

Niche marketing capabilities

Help brands target individual segments of the LGBT population (ex. Transgender or bi-sexual) with resonant, human-focused programming. We also build programs that target the LGBT demographic based on core consistencies and inclusivity insights.

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Use More than One Persona