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The journey to wellness isn't just a means to an end, but also an experience.

If there is one thing constant about healthcare marketing, it's that the rules are always changing.

That's never been truer than in a post-Affordable Care Act world, where value is as much a desired outcome as is good health.

That's where we come in.

Transformative marketing won't improve health and well-being, but what it can do is illuminate and uncover value — a word that takes on different meaning depending on where you find yourself in the healthcare ecosystem.

For patients, it’s about making sure that the journey to wellness isn’t just a means to an end, but also an experience. For clinicians, payers and other healthcare service providers, it’s about forging meaningful relationships that foster partnership, education and intervention. And for caregivers, it comes down to finding ways to mitigate the loneliness and increase a sense of belonging.

imre creates those experiences.
We provide the ammunition that helps forge those relationships.
We find people and move them toward community.

Our approach is people-centric, rather than stakeholder-specific, meaning that at the center of all of our work is a deeply rooted belief in the power of human connections.

We help our clients communicate like people, not businesses, and we do this with great respect for and recognition of the regulatory guardrails that have been put in place to ensure patient safety at every turn.

Our work with pharmaceutical brands has changed the way drug manufacturers reach and retain their customers. Our partnerships with medical technology companies are helping clients cut through the scientific clutter and personalize their brands. The digital and social media work we’ve done with some of the nation’s leading health systems is rewriting the book on the stale formula for hospital marketing.

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